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A New Content Management System

With just 4.9k Lines of Code, barely 6.6MB total size, inclusive image assets and libraries, we created a fast, easy to use, powerful Content Management System.

Main Technology used in the uhleloX Content Management System

Official PHP Logo image/svg+xml Official PHP Logo Colin Viebrock Copyright Colin Viebrock 1997 - All rights reserved. 1997

PHP 8+

Built with PHP 8+ versions. No old outdated code from 1996, but modern OOP with JIT out of the box.


jQuery 3+

Uses jQuery 3+ (both jQuery Core and UI). Everything scoped, strict and neatly separated.

HTML5 Logo Badge


The old but gold standard. Without it, the www is empty.


Bootstrap 5

Mobile ready from the roots. Select2 Bootstrap 5 Theme included!

Famous 5 Minute Install?

uhleloX is installed in less than 30 seconds

...Inclusive login!

This does not include download and upload times of the uhleloX Content Management System Files from our host to your host.
The video shows UI.Vision performing an automated Setup of uhleloX and Login. uhleloX is tested automatically before each release!

More uhleloX Features

Watch uhleloX create a new Page, a new Setting and a new User!

Right click to enter full screen

uhleloX is infintely Extendable

Manage your Images with uhleloX using a world-class Image editor

This is a Core Extension of uhleloX
Filerobot Image Editor FileRobot is an entirely free, MIT licensed and fully customizable Image Editor. Props to the folks at FileRobot!

Manage your content with uhleloX using the world-famous CK Editor 5

This is a Core Extension of uhleloX
CK Editor 5 CK Editor 5 a very powerful WYSIWYG Editor. Props to the folks at CKEditor!

You can White Label uhleloX!

This is probably the first and only full blown Content Management System that lets you whitelabel everything. 

You can add as many content types, relations, languages, users and roles as you want or need. You can install extensions, templates and apply custom PHP Code. 

uhleloX is Fast and Secure

SonarCloud QualityGate
uhleloX Code is not published if not passing SonarCloud Quality Gates. Current live scan status:
0 Bugs Code Smells Security Rating: A Reliability Rating: A Maintainability Rating A Technical Debt Vulnerabilities: 0